Klara Hobza

Klara Hobza (click here for full biography/CV), born 1975 in Pilsen (CZ), lives and works in Berlin. Her artistic practice involves performance, video, drawing, and sculpture, and is conceptually held together by narrations of self-imposed endeavors. Hobza’s ongoing project Diving Through Europe started in 2010 and uses lived experience as conceptual material, which she then translates into different media.


Hobza studied at Munich Academy of Fine Arts (with Olaf Metzel), at Columbia University, New York (MFA), and at Rogue Film School, Los Angeles. Her recent solo exhibitions include Animaloculomataurus at Soy Capitán (2018), Diving Through Europe at Syndhavn Station, Copenhagen (2014), Die große Basler Gipfelbergung at deupiece bei St. Clara, Basel, and On Display at basis, Frankfurt am Main (2014). Hobza has been awarded with grants and fellowships from Stiftung Kunstfonds (2012), ars viva/BDI (2010), DIVA (2009), NYFA (2007) and the SculptureCenter Prize (2005), et al.


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