03.12.2011 – 21.01.2012
Egemen Demirci Registrierung / Kayit / Registration


Egemen Demirci, Registrierung / Kayit / Registration, 2011


Egemen Demirci, Registrierung / Kayit / Registration, installation view


Egemen Demirci, Registrierung / Kayit / Registration, installation view


Egemen Demirci, Registrierung / Kayit / Registration, installation view


Egemen Demirci, Untitled, 2011


Registrierung / Kayit / Registration

Registration at Soy Capitán is Egemen Demirci’s first solo statement in Berlin. The exhibition is composed of algorithmic combinations that take his visions of public space as a departure point, melting the white cube in a pot with the neo-liberal city. His technique of abstraction translates codes of public access using virtual mapping systems such as Google Earth. By bringing together sites by which the public registers Berlin – Alexanderplatz, the Museum Island, Potsdamer Platz and Checkpoint Charlie – he “renders” his own presence in the city through forms of conceptual abstractions that deal with how neo-liberal urban space is constructed by models of interaction, communication and mobility.

Such virtual and visceral experiences provide a critical standpoint for the artist to re-imagine and re-formulate our perception of the institution – in this specific context an art related one: a start-up gallery in a rapidly changing part of the city. Demirci takes the space as a literal reference point by analysing its material and directly addressing the gallery building. Thus the reality and location of the architecture are retained, the materiality of the abstract preserved. Demirci evokes the bureaucratic connotations of the word “registration” alongside the visual meaning embedded in its German cognates, advancing it as a term that impacts perceptual experience.

Egemen Demirci, born 1983 in Izmir / Turkey, received his BA in Visual Arts program at Sabancı University in Istanbul (2005) and his MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies program at Bauhaus University in Weimar (2009). In 2010 Demirci contributed to the multi-space exhibition project “correct me if I’m critical” curated by Adnan Yıldız in Berlin. His first solo presentation “Taksim 2010-11” was on view at yama in Istanbul during Summer 2011. He lives and works in Berlin.