ART COLOGNE • Paloma Proudfoot & Matthias Dornfeld • 17.11.–21.11.2021

We’re thrilled to participate in this years edition of ART COLOGNE presenting new works by Paloma Proudfoot and Matthias Dornfeld.#

Paloma Proudfoot works within a variety of media such as sculpture, installation as well as single and group performances. 
The London-based artist combines natural, organic materials including hair, food or wax with ceramics in order to create her sculptures and installations. Her works oftentimes display anatomical references and ostensibly otherworldly creature-like forms, while also depicting abstract shapes that are seemingly playful yet at the same time reflect on current topics of her own generation. The artist implements her long-standing keen interest in clothing, textiles and fabrics, not only as materials that she incorporates into her work, but also in a technical sense. Proudfoot applies her knowledge of pattern-making to inform new and unique ways of envisioning and constructing her ceramic works.
 Besides her solo practice, Proudfoot also engages in several collaborative projects. As such she is co-director of the performance group Stasis, one half of PROUDICK (with London based ceramic artist Lindsey Mendick) as well as Proudfoot and Piasecka (together with Aniela Piasecka).

Paloma Proudfoot (*1992 in London) holds an MFA from Royal Collage of Art London (2017). She lives and works in London.

Working in the medium of painting, Matthias Dornfeld has developed a highly recognizable visual aesthetic. The artist uses his longtime interest in classical subjects such as landscapes, portraits or still lives as starting points for his works, which are characterized by bright colors and a quick, strong brush stroke. Layer upon layer, Dornfeld then heavily alters these primary elements on the canvas, analytically choosing limitations within which he creates paintings that embrace different levels of abstractions, carrying an intentional child-like character. By doing so, Dornfeld actively breaks free from academic constraints and opens up a space in his paintings in which psychologically and art-historically heavily loaded discourses meet seemingly naïve subjects, irony and mysticism.

Matthias Dornfeld (*1960 in Esslingen, DE) studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich. In 2014 and 2015 he was visiting professor at the same Munich art academy, temporarily replacing Professor Günter Förg. He lives and works in Berlin.