Gallery Weekend Berlin

Paloma Proudfoot’s third solo show with Soy Capitán, The Three Living and The Three Dead, opens during Gallery Weekend Berlin. 28.04.–30.04.2023

Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

Catch Klara Hobza's Animaloculomat at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn this summer, as part of the group show INTERACTIONS. Curated by Susanne Kleine, the exhibition invites interactive play, utilising visual languages, dance, music and sound as universal forms of communication. Hobza's work, a playful hybrid between a futuristic time machine and a conventional photo booth, allows one to see through the eyes of a bat, squid, snake, jumping spider, horse and dragonfish. 30.04.–15.10.2023.

Neues Museum Nürnberg

Mark your calendars! We are thrilled to announce that an exhibition featuring 20 works by Grace Weaver from the Stadler Collection will be showcased at the Neues Museum Nürnberg from 30.06.2023–04.02.2024.

Galerie im Körnerpark

Paloma Proudfoot is part of Contours of Grief, a group exhibition examining loss and mourning through various artistic media at Galerie im Körnerpark. 03.03.–18.05.2023

Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center

Rachel Youn is part of Ecologies of Elsewhere at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, on view from 10.02.–06.08.2023.


Check out the catalogue for 24h! Grace Weaver was part of this group exhibition with Super Super Markt, at BRAUNSFELDER, an exhibition space in Cologne.


A new article on the work of Eli Cortiñas, written by Gillian Nicole Osborne for Berlin Art Link. Her work critiques assistive technologies that endorse and enforce regressive heteronormative standards of femininity, and dissects culture biases and gender tropes in Artificial Intelligence that dehumanize and disempower women.

Oldenburger Kunstverein

Matthias Dornfeld had a solo show at Oldenburger Kunstverein. In “L’Amour Change Tout”, Dornfeld assembled an eccentric cast, an inventory of warped classical painterly motifs: the portrait, the landscape, the still life, the abstract. 25.11.2022–05.02.2023


Paloma Proudfoot's latest solo exhibition “The Memory Theatre” was on view at Bosse & Baum in London. 18.11.2022–28.01.2023


Rachel Youn’s work is featured in a group exhibition at the Naughton Gallery at Queen's University in Belfast, one of Northern Ireland's leading contemporary art spaces. The exhibition, titled NGXX, marks the twentieth anniversary of the gallery. The show examines politics, the environment, race, sexuality, family and heritage via painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, illustration, tattoos and textiles. 13.10.22–29.01.23

Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

Work by Rachel Youn is included in a group exhibition at The National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, curated by Gerardo Mosquera. The exhibition takes its title, “Hot Spot”, from a work of the same name by Mona Hatoum, a large installation in iron and neon depicting environmental catastrophe. 24.10.2022–26.02.2023


As we globalise and digitise, the physical spaces in which we work adapt. Featuring work by Eli Cortiñas, Julia Höner curates a group exhibition entitled Landscapes of Labour, examining the social, political and ecological shifts that occur as our work structures evolve. 25.08.2022–08.01.2023

Super Super Markt

Grace Weaver is part of a group exhibition with Super Super Markt, at BRAUNSFELDER, an exhibition space in Cologne for international contemporary art. 31.08.–05.11.2022


Out now! You can now purchase the catalogue for the exhibition “Dem Wasser Folgen” at Kunsthalle Bielefeld, featuring work by Klara Hobza.

Neue Galerie Gladbeck

Grace Weaver is part of HOW TO & KNOW-HOW, a group exhibition at Neue Galerie Gladbeck, curated by Luisa Schlotterbeck, in collaboration with her predecessor Gerd Weggel. 26.08.–23.10.2022


Out now! You can now view and read the catalogue for “off the beaten rack” curated by Nantje Wilke at KIT – Kunst im Tunnel in Dusseldorf, featuring work by Paloma Proudfoot.

Kunstverein Braunschweig

Kunstverein Braunschweig presents Eli Cortiñas' extensive body of work in her first institutional solo show in Germany. The exhibition, curated by Nuno de Brito Rocha and Benedikt Johannes Seerieder, brings together major works from the last 10 years and presents installations newly conceived especially for the exhibition at Villa Salve Hospes. 02.07.–02.10.2022


Paloma Proudfoot will be part of the exhibition “off the beaten rack” curated by Nantje Wilke at KIT – Kunst im Tunnel in Dusseldorf. The exhibition shows sculptures and objects which explore the possibilities of extending and imitating the human body, for example by means of prostheses, instruments or tools. 25.06.–18.09.2022

Wilhelm Hallen

After the pandemic brought about the demise of so many cultural events, the group exhibition K60 was created to highlight the importance of collaboration and support among galleries, to unify and bolster the Berlin art scene. Launched in 2020, by the galleries alexander levy, BQ, ChertLüdde, Klemm's, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Plan B and PSM, we are delighted to participate this year for the third edition, banding together with so many wonderful galleries that make Berlin’s scene particularly strong and special! 10.09.–18.09.2022

Kunsthalle Bielefeld

Klara Hobza will be part of the group exhibition “Dem Wasser Folgen” at Kunsthalle Bielefeld. The exhibition with works by around fifty international artists and selected contemporary positions from the Kunsthalle's collection addresses current, cultural, political, economic and ecological aspects of water. 04.06.–16.10.2022

Bold Tendencies London

Paloma Proudfoot's commissioned work “Grief is recognised as a friend”, for this year's Bold Tendencies summer programme, includes glazed ceramic figures resting on a purple wooden structure - a form inspired by medieval cadaver monuments. 26.05.–17.09.2022

Villa Merkel

Grace Weaver is taking part in “How (Not) to Fit In – Metaphern der Adoleszenz”, a group show at Villa Merkel in Esslingen. The exhibition, curated by Benedikt Johannes Seerieder, brings together artistic contributions that open up intersectional perspectives on adolescence, as well as on adolescence as a metaphor, for social dynamics. 08.05.–17.07.2022

Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

Klara Hobza is part of the exhibition “Identität nicht nachgewiesen” presenting new acquisitions of the Federal Collection of Contemporary Art, Germany at Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn. 07.05.–03.10.2022


Klara Hobza’s solo exhibition “Zustand: Durchlässig - Dem Wasser folgen (Prolog)” will be on view at Kunsthalle Bielefeld from 29.01.–15.05.2022.

SCCA (Savanah Center for Contemporary Art), Ghana

Eli Cortiñas is participating in “Existing Otherwise – The Future of Coexistence” – an Exhibition and Reschooling Programme taking place at SCCA Tamale (Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art) in Ghana. Curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen, Ibrahim Mahama and Isabel Lewis. 14.01.–30.04. 2022


We’re pleased to announce that works by Matthias Dornfeld and Klara Hobza have been acquired by The Federal Collection of Contemporary Art, Germany.


Out now! Catalogue accompanying the exhibition “Thinking like an Octopus, or: Tentacular Grasp” at Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen with contributions on Eli Cortiñas and Klara Hobza. Edited by Julia Katharina Thiemann / Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, published by DISTANZ Verlag.

Online Exhibition

Klara Hobza is featured in Gregory Volk's online exhibition “Contact” as part of “What is Normal”, an online curatorial platform. “What is Normal” is a three-part collaboration between Radiator Gallery, New York, and Structura Gallery, Sofia. It takes place online while creating a unique curatorial platform for the exchange of ideas, presented in a series of exhibitions.

Rib Rotterdam

Shahin Afrassiabi is part of the group show “Part 1: Survival of the Fittest: the big toe of little big man” at Rib Rotterdam. The show takes place within the long-term program “The Last Terminal: Reflections on the Coming Apocalypse” from 24.09.2021–31.12.2023.

The 6th Ural Biennial

Eli Cortiñas as part of The 6th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art curated by Adnan Yıldız, Çağla Ilk & Assaf Kimmel on view until 05.12.2021.


Paloma Proudfoot as part of PROUDICK (together with London based ceramic artist Lindsey Mendick) presents “Today but not today” at Hannah Barry Gallery in London. On view until 06.11.2021.


Klara Hobza and Eli Cortiñas are part of “Thinking like an Octopus, or: Tentacular Grasp”, a group exhibition curated by Julia Katharina Thiemann at the Wilhelm Hack Museum in Ludwigshafen. The exhibition takes up reflections to question the existing animal-human relationship. On view until 08.01.2022.

Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Klara Hobza was part of the group show “SWIMMING POOL – TROUBLED WATERS„ at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. The show took place until 15.09.2021.