Grace Weaver • Pedestrian • Kunstverein Reutlingen • 21.05.–23.07.2017

Grace Weaver’s paintings are a discovery. Figurative painting, completely contemporary, intricate, sexy, thoughtful or amused. Images of Generation Z, globally connected and ‘up-to-date,’ yet feeling lost between exuberance and weariness. In sweeping street scenes and swaying interiors, the young protagonists always seem to be asking: who they could or want to be?

For “Pedestrian,” Grace Weaver has selected drawings and sketches which, in their delicate allusions and being precisely on point, are reminiscent of Frank O’Hara’s “Notes on Second Avenue.” They are notations in the progressive form, in which situational everyday observation meets subtle self-reflection: “everything in it, either happened to me or I felt happening (saw, imagined).”